The air that we breathe is very important to us; if the air that we breathe is low quality, we can get sick easier or our performance levels can drop. Poor indoor air quality can lead to people developing lung complaints, nausea, fatigue, dry eyes, nasal conditions, breathing irregularities and even conditions such as cancer. All of these problems have been widely documented by the American Lung Association, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and other well-known health, safety and environmental organizations.

Simply making small changes can help to improve the indoor air quality at your home. These steps can include making changes to your cleaning routine, smoking outdoors rather than indoors, choosing the right type of house plants, and improving the ventilation at your property. Many people do not realize that they can also improve the indoor air quality at their home by changing the air conditioning and heating system which is used in their home.

If you have an older heating and air-conditioning system in your home, the system may actually have a negative impact on the quality of air in your home, whether this is due to the re-circulation of unfiltered air, or due to the spread of illnesses.  However, if a modern air-conditioning system is installed by a qualified engineer, it is possible to actually improve indoor air quality using that system, so long as the user follows specific maintenance instructions.

New air-conditioning systems include special filters which helps to remove some of the harmful substances from the air inside the building. This prevents people from breathing the harmful substances in, and can therefore help to improve the health of the inhabitants. As well as filtering the air, a good air-conditioning system will also help to keep the air in a room circulating, which can help to prevent air stagnation.

If you are worried about the indoor air quality in your building, get in contact with Ramos Refrigeration to discuss your needs, and they will help you to find an air-conditioning solution which is suitable for you and for the requirements of your building.